Office of Student Life

Ohio Union Activities Board

How to Prepare Your Application

What to Know Before You Apply

Our Collab App is open continuously, meaning you can apply anytime! To be considered for the Fall 2023 semester, submit your application by the February 10th, 2023 deadline. If your application is not chosen, it will stay in consideration for collaborative programming with OUAB for an additional year.

Make sure to review all requirements before starting your application! This is essential in creating a competitive application. To review our full list of applications, please read our guidelines page. To help you prepare, here are some key questions to think through:

  1. What is your vision for this amazing event? Describe it!
  2. How does your event impact campus?
  3. Who is your target audeince?
  4. When do you want your event to take place? Is there a specific date you had in mind?
  5. What research have you done for this event?
  6. How do YOU want to work with OUAB?


Key Points to Remember When You are Applying: 

  • The event must be open and advertised to the entire OSU student body.
  • Make sure your ENTIRE student organization is excited about the event you are applying with. This should be something that both OUAB and the collaborating organization as a whole are passionate about. 
  • Even though we want you to have your event idea well thought out, we appreciate flexibility and creativity. Please have an open mind and be sure to provide backup talent ideas and alternatives.
  • Think about what your organization can bring to the table when collaborating. We LOVE to see when students are eager to help create marketing strategies, volunteer, and think outside of the box.
  • OUAB CANNOT approve applications that only request funding, that only request marketing resources/assistance, any event which has already been planned (Ex.: time, date, bookings already completed), philanthropy or fundraising events, and galas or award ceremonies.
  • Priotity is given to organizations who have not been selected for a collaboration within the past 3 years.