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Our Collab Application is open continuously, meaning you can apply anytime! To be considered for Spring 2025 semester, submit your application by the Sunday, September 15th, 2024 deadline. Additionally, an organization representative MUST participate in Conversations with Collab (date to be announced)

If your application is not chosen, it will stay in consideration for collaborative programming with OUAB for an additional year.  

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to our the Director of Collaborations, Mackenzie McMahon, at

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Collaborative Events Guidelines & Procedures

A collaboration with OUAB can include the following:

  • Brainstorming with the OUAB Collaborative Events Committee for event ideas including:
    • Marketing strategies for the event including event release date, social media posts/graphics, etc.
    • Potential moderators for the event.
    • Additional opportunities for students to engage with the event.
  • Volunteer contributions from OUAB and the collaborator for day-of-event.
  • Marketing contributions from OUAB and the collaborator.

OUAB can provide:

  • Research for an event, booking talent(s), reviewing and signing contracts, venue booking, day-of event operations and execution.
  • Volunteers for the day of event.
  • An OUAB promotional/marketing table at the event.
  • Advertising for events through OUAB's social networks, flyers, website, live announcements, digital signage, and other OUAB marketing efforts.

A good collaborative event proposal has very little planning already done because OUAB would like to be involved in the process from the very beginning. Therefore, OUAB will rarely approve any of the following types of events/programs:

  • Those which only request funding
  • Those which only request marketing resources/assistance
  • Any event which has already been planned (Ex.: time, date, bookings already completed)
  • Events which do not have a viable programming aspect
  • Philanthropy or fundraising events
  • Galas or award ceremonies

OUAB will consider requests for collaborative events from all interested active student organizations, hall councils, or University departments. Events must meet the following guidelines and procedures to be considered for collaboration:

  • The event must be open and advertised to the entire OSU student body
  • Attendance and ticketing policies must comply with the OUAB Ticketing & Event Policy
  • OUAB and collaborating organizations/councils/departments must approve all details of the event
  • Meeting time must be set up between both organizations in order to discuss responsibilities and expectations.
  • Final financial commitments must be confirmed by week 9 of the term prior to the event or OUAB reserves the right to void all collaboration.
  • Collaborating organizations do not have to be able to support the event financially. A group’s ability to offer financial resources does not enhance their application.
  • If talent is attached to the event, backups must be provided as talent availability and interest can change. Possible event dates are based on available resources and proposed talent schedules.
  • Final event arrangements must be made at least two weeks prior to the date the event is scheduled to occur or OUAB reserves the right to void all collaboration.
  • All advertising for this event must be reviewed and approved by OUAB before distribution (i.e. flyers).
  • All advertising must include the following:
    • OUAB Logo
    • Logos of any other collaborating organizations
    • The University disability clause
  • An OUAB Event Evaluation form must be completed and returned after the event by your organization.
  • NO alcohol, tobacco, E-cigarettes or illegal substances shall be permitted at any event in collaboration with OUAB. If any of these substances are present at the event, or if any member of the collaborating group arrives in an intoxicated state at the event, the collaborator may forfeit any funding from OUAB.
  • OUAB cannot sponsor any event that is also sponsored by any group or organization dealing with alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances.

Please note: Priority will be given to those organizations we have not collaborated with within the last three years. Additionally, applications can be considered for up to two additional application cycles. (ex. An application submitted for Spring 2022 can still be considered through Spring 2023 if the organization is still interested.)

OUAB reserves the right to void all collaboration if not included in major decisions of the program.