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Over the past few years, we've planned some awesome collaborative events including (but not limited to):

The Deadlines
Applications to apply to collaborate with OUAB for Spring 2019 opens on Sunday, January 27, 2019 at Midnight. and will close on Sunday, February 24 at 11:59 PM. 

The Application 
The Collaborative Events application is composed of nine questions that seek to gain a lot of information in helping OUAB decide which organizations to collaborate with. Below you will find some information to help you plan for the application. 

  1. Information Questions: These questions are basic info questions about your organization: leaders, social media accounts, previous events you all have hosted. 
  2. Brief Description: Think of this as the elevator pitch for your event. Provide us with the heart of what you are hoping to see day of event come to life. 
  3. Event Funding: Please know that it is not the goal, mission, or purpose of the Ohio Union Activities Board just to serve as a check-book to make your event happen. If you have funds for your event: departmental, organizational, CSA allocation please be sure to include any funding that you can bring to help make the event a reality. Please note that OUAB is unable to execute events that have a sole person of serving as a fundraiser. If you are a student organization strictly seeking funding for your event, please consider requesting CSA Programming Funds Funding
  4. Impact of Program: This is important information to consider, this is the so what aspect of the event planning process. What are the things you want students to leave the event thinking about, talking about, or inspired to do. 
  5. Audience: Who is your target audience for the event and how many people would you estimate to attend the event? 
  6. Timing: Provide us with context if there is a specific date, event, or celebration that you think are beneficial for us to know in planning. 
  7. Responsibility: What do you imagine the collaboration between OUAB and your organization(s) being in terms of planning and day of execution. 
  8. Research: What research have you dont to plan for the event - has the event happened at other schools? 
  9. Additional Information: This is your opportunity to share any additional information that we have not asked you for. 

Application Scoring

  • Informative Questions: Maximum of 1 point: Applications will receie 1 point for answering all fields. 
  • Brief Description: Maximum of 4 points. Applications will be scored higher for clearly describing their ideas, formats, and details are clearly defined. 
  • Funding: Maximum of 2 points: Applications will be scored higher for answering the question in a thought out manner, sharing ideas for funding or additional funding opportunities. 
  • Impact: Maximum of 3 points: Application answer is well thought out and considered multiple population on campus that could be influence by the event. 
  • Audience: Maximum of 3 points: Application answer is well thought out and considered multiple population on campus that could be influence by the event. 
  • Timing: Maximum of 1 point: Application answer provided context on ideal date. 
  • Responsibility: Maximum of 4 points: Application answer is well thought out and lends itself to a successful and equal partnership between OUAb and the collaborating organizations. 
  • Research: Maximum of 2 points: Applications will be scored higher that have provide some foundation for the event to begin to be planned and initiative to make this a reality has been presented. 

For more details, please completely read through the Collaborative Events Timeline and Guidelines in the box below prior to submitting your application.

Frequently Asked Questions
Please click here to learn more information regarding the application process. 

Contact the 2018-2019 Collaborative Events Chair, Rebecca Slavik, slavik.23@osu.edu
or OUAB Advisor, Quanta Taylor, taylor.2201@osu.edu.

Collaborative Events Guidelines & Procedures
OUAB can provide for your organization/department the following:
  • The OUAB Collaborative Events Committee to brainstorm ideas for the event.
  • Research for an event, booking talent(s), reviewing and signing contracts, venue booking, day-of event operations and execution.
  • Volunteers for the day of event.
  • An OUAB promotional/marketing table at the event.
  • Advertising for events through OUAB's social networks, flyers, website, live anouncments, digital signage, and other OUAB marketing efforts. *NOTE: Collaborating organizations are strongly encouraged to market the event as well! 
  • Possible funding for the event.
A good collaborative event proposal has very little planning already done because OUAB would like to be involved in the process from the very beginning. Therefore, OUAB will rarely approve any of the following types of events/programs:
  • Those which only request funding
  • Those which only request marketing resources/assistance
  • Any event which has already been planned (Ex.: time, date, bookings already completed)
  • Events which do not have a viable programming aspect
  • Philanthropy or fund raising events
OUAB will consider requests for collaborative events from all interested active student organizations, hall councils, or University departments. Events must meet the following guidelines and procedures to be considered for collaboration:
  • The event must be open and advertised to the entire OSU student body
  • Attendance and ticketing policies must comply with the OUAB Ticketing & Event Policy
  • OUAB and collaborating organizations/councils/departments must approve all details of the event
  • Meeting time must be set up between both organizations in order to discuss responsibilities and expectations.
  • Final financial commitments must be confirmed by week 9 of the term prior to the event or OUAB reserves the right to void all collaboration. 
  • Final event arrangements must be made at least two weeks prior to the date the event is scheduled to occur or OUAB reserves the right to void all collaboration.
  • All advertising for this event must be reviewed and approved by OUAB before distribution (i.e. flyers).
  • All advertising must include the following:
    • OUAB Logo
    • Logos of any other collaborating organizations
    • The University disability clause
  • An OUAB Event Evaluation form must be completed and returned after the event by your organization.
  • NO alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances shall be permitted at any event in collaboration OUAB. If any of these substances are present at the event, or if any member of the collaborating group arrives in an intoxicated state at the event, collaborator may forfeit any funding from OUAB.
  • OUAB cannot sponsor any event that is also sponsored by any group or organization dealing with alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances.

OUAB reserves the right to void all collaboration if not included in major decisions of the program.

About OUAB

The Ohio Union Activities Board (OUAB) provides programs and events for the students of Ohio State's Columbus campus that are educational, entertaining, and thought provoking. OUAB events are FREE for current OSU students and brought to you by your Student Activity Fee.

If an event is ticketed, tickets are available at the Ohio Union Information Center.

Interested in joining OUAB? Click here to find out how you can be a part of our team!


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